Paradise found: Industry gets its mojo working says Stergides

When he heard the word splendid Electrocoin’s John A. Stergides knew the industry was making a comeback. Here he talks to Coinslot about the early responses to reopening and what products will make their mark this summer.

Coinslot: What kind of feedback have you had from operators during the first three weeks of trading?

John A. Stergides: Overall, we heard the first two weeks were positive, especially with AGCs. But generally, everyone was happy just to be able to reopen.

Then the Bank Holiday weekend and half term happened, and many operators spoke of having their best week ever.

It was fantastic to hear those comments along with words – splendid, phenomenal, excellent – our industry has suffered during Covid Lockdowns, and it was very much needed and deserved.

This has provided a much-needed boost and optimism as to how the summer could go and this will be further boosted if the ‘staycation’ message is pushed by the government.

Coinslot: Which products and product genres are having an early impact?

John A. Stergides: As expected, Prize Vend, Skill and Ticket Redemption machines have been very popular since the reopening, but generally most genres are doing well.

From within our own product ranges, the Skill Cut Winners are proving as successful and popular as ever, along with the Drop a Winners and Pinballs.

But also our latest releases – the four player Ball Paradise – has received great feedback and we are trying to keep up the supply for our in-demand products.

In order to support operators, for machines to go straight onto shop floors, we include either a large plush with the Skill Cut Winners or we fill the prize vend machines like the Ball Paradise with capsules or balls so that they are ready to go! This has proven very popular with operators.

Coinslot: We’ve talked much about the shipping crisis, so for reassurance what popular products have you got currently available that have beaten the container price hike?

John A. Stergides: As we anticipated the price hike, we managed to take in a good supply of our machines, and we are currently supplying our product range at the same price and many operators are benefiting from this opportunity. The last two weeks have been very busy for us as we try to keep up with the demand. Some products have sold out completely and we are waiting on the next shipments to arrive.

Coinslot: So, it’s coming down to a first come, first serve if operators want current product before the new shipments arrive with the increased price. Are there any key developments on Electrocoin’s horizon in the early part of summer?

John A. Stergides: Luckily, we have a popular and proven line of products that operators are demanding this season.

We are currently working and testing several new products which we hope will be ready this year and with locations now open, it’s a great opportunity to receive player and operator feedback.

My father is now heavily involved in the development side, as he was in the past when he developed the Bar-X, video and redemption games, so this is keeping our development team busy as we look to bring new products for 2022.

We expect to show some of these new games at IAAPA Europe in Barcelona in September and for this year’s show, we have taken a bigger stand to reflect our existing and exciting new product range. We will be on stand 2-1730 which can be found in the main Hall (2), so when you enter the main entrance, just turn left into the first corridor.

Coinslot: And will we see Park Avenue on the calendar this summer…..?

John A. Stergides: Well, I think an update on the Park Avenue options is worth a mention. As most people know, it is being discussed, and from our conversations across the industry, it’s a popular idea. We are still hopeful of having the Park Avenue Open Day this year, in early July, with the 7th as the possible day.

But, we’re keeping a close watch on the outcome of the government’s decision on the 21st of June relaxation and a decision will be made very soon.

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